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Daddy Was A Thief is a casual game where players control a fat thief whose weight is his only tool to break through floors, hit cops, and destroy fridges, safes or anything along the way.

Running out of a bank building from the rooftop, a thief lands his feet on an adjacent building where he has to hit floors to break through, avoid policemen and gunmen as well as flying bombs that threaten to kill him. Every other 60 floors, players would encounter a casino where the protagonist transforms into a ball and bounces back and forth between the mostly breakable glittering balls. Appliance and furniture destruction and the casino ball hitting reward players with extra coins while the scattered coins above some floors constitute the major portion of the earned treasure.

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Games controls in Daddy Was A Thief are very simple thanks to the protagonist’s automatic action – walking left and right on any floor he stands on unless being sent to lower or higher floors. Players mostly only have to swipe up or down to break things or fetch coins. Some power-ups require different controls. For instance, while applying the Rocket Blast, players have to hold the device and tilt it to change the rocket course so as to claim coins.

The casino on Floor 60, Floor 120, Floor 180 or other floors turns out to be a simplified version of Papa Pear Saga where players project a Papa Pear to have it bounce off as many balls as possible. By simplified, I mean not only a smaller space holding the balls but also an only one “Papa Pear”, or the protagonist-turned fat ball.

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Let’s put it this way: all you do is move a protagonist down the seemingly endless floors and collect as many coins as possible. Simple as that sounds, players need to develop their strategies in dealing with the jumping and hitting stuff. The old ladies, cops, and other people on the floors carry different weapons that could inflict damages on the protagonist or even claim his life. For example, once caught by a cop, the protagonist will be shocked by the cop’s electric shock baton, and the game would be over unless players have bought extra lives.

Those lives, as well as costumes, upgrades and other power-ups are unlockable at the shop. By playing the game, players accumulate experience and level up, and upon reaching required levels, they gain access to items including 5 extra lives and Donut Trail, the latter of which leaves a trail of sweet donuts behind the protagonist.

Daddy Was A Thief, similar to endless runners in some sense, is not level-based and players have to start over every time the protagonist is caught or is killed. Although the floors are random every time you play, repeated adventuring through the early floors that offer few challenges and thrills could be a tiring experience.