CSR Racing, as its name indicates, is a racing game that challenges players’ speed, skills and tactics with numerous drag races over several tiers. Gamers will be able to steer fancy cars presented with high fidelity, including Audi R8, BMW M3 and Chevy Corvette right onto the tracks to beat tough city crew bosses as well as other online players. Cars upgradable with nitrous injection, aerodynamic tweaks and turbos etc appeal gamers with greater racing prowess and an array of racing environments, including deserted streets, soft beaches and more await to test players.

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  • Licensed cars, including Bentley Continental Supersports, Dodge Charger, SLR McLaren, presented with high fidelity
  • Lots and lots of possible updates giving teeth to the highly customizable cars
  • Tough boss races and challenging multiplayer competitions
  • Robotomocoto

    I love this game but when you are careless..you will end upwondering where all of the money you had made went..and i whish you sell cars..i hace 3 i dont need anymore.

  • RVMW223

    This game is a blast, fun acquiring new vehicles, tricking out your ride for optimum performance, and lowering you 1/4 mile time. Race your friends, race the computer, or race the world. Best part you don’t have to waste your own gas or wreck your ride.

  • Laughemysrseoff

    Ben playing for about 7 months game is dope good work guys could sue some more missions or extra stuff to do to wait for gas points idk best game I played on mobile hoping to see more in it in the near future bought me a mustang cobra jet i’m pro lol

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