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CSI: Miami Heat Wave is yet another derivative product of CBS’ popular TV drama CSI: Miami. The game was originally launched for Facebook and now Ubisoft has ported this Facebook social game to iOS devices.

Cooperative games are more likely to raise awareness to promote TV series. To this end, such games mainly serve a purpose of promoting the TV series. Truth is games could also benefit from their association.


The game plays largely in the same way on an iOS device as it was on Facebook. Cast in the role of a rookie investigator, you will be working with CSI agents to solve crimes across Miami. After you pick up a mission, all you need to do is tap around the floor as instructed and wait for the next thing to happen. The fun might be coming from a sense of involvement by playing with all those characters from the original show. As a result, for those who have not watched the TV series may can find it not so appealing.

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In CSI: Miami Heat Wave, the developer Ubisoft provides players with all the major characters from the show. Tapping on detective Horatio Caine (highly recognizable with his signature sunglasses and suit) will assign you a new case. You can set about following Ryan to search relevant scenes to find evidences. It would be true to describe this step as “digging around”, as you will be doing nothing more than tapping the little squares on the floor and see what shows up.

Once you have the necessary evidences, you can go to the lab, manufacture some analyzing reagents and let Agent Duquesne process them for you. With lab results at hand, it will be your job to interrogate the located suspects and convict them. Basically, you need to research the evidences before starting the interrogation. Also you can work with your coworkers to ask the right questions, which will earn you extra rewards and respects. Every move you make earns you funding and EXPs. You can use the funding to buy game items and upgrade the lab, gather EXP to level up and unlock more cases.


The game features bobble head doll-like characters. Compared with other crime themed games that primarily focus on restoring the movie like scenes and investigation simulations (take Gameloft’s CSI: Miami game for example), Miami Heat Wave creates an atmosphere that differs from the original TV series. The cartoonish character and scenes create a hilarious effect and add to the game’s casual appeal.

Being a free-to-play game, CSI: Miami Heat Wave monetizes by selling two types of in-game currencies: the funding and the shields, both of which can be spent in the built-in shop for boosts and other items, or be used to purchase garments to customize your avatar.

Social features in CSI: Miami Heat Wave allow you to invite friends to play, which will save you energy as well as provide extra bonus. You can also send messages and exchange gifts with your friends.

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  • Gameplay7
  • Graphics7
  • Fun7
  • Features6
  • Presentation6
Total Score6.6

Since CBS canceled the CSI: Miami show last year, whether the game will gain continuous supports from TV fans this year remains a question. Nevertheless, there is no doubt that with the established reputation of the previous Facebook game, it should not be too hard for CSI: Miami Heat Wave to gain certain popularity.