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Crime Connection, released on April 11, 2013, is new free to play gangster-themed social crime simulation game from Square Enix’s TAITO Corporation. It is both available on iTunes Store and Google Play Store for players aged 17 or over.

Among a swarm of stereotypical city-building simulation games, Crime Connection appears to be an extravaganza of novelty, and looks pretty impressive and intriguing right from the beginning. Your character will start as just a small potato hanging in the dark side of Sunlight City, and by expanding both the territory and influence you will work all the way towards becoming one of the most powerful gang leaders in the “underworld”.

The game starts by constructing houses as in many other city-builders. Your turf is a dark street corner on which you can start building shacks, bars and other typical facilities that can be found in a city slum. You add population on your turf and collect XP from housing facilities. By opening business establishments such as bars and clubs, you can collect protection money and save funds for the gang activities. The major source of resources like weapons, smuggled goods and jewels, are all obtainable from resource facilities, which will not be available from the building list. The only way to own such facilities is to expand your turf to the territories where they locate.

Quest and battle rewards will also generate XP, funds and resources, which means it is essential that you own muscle men to fight your battle. From the likes of Gym and shooting range, you can scout and recruit types of gangsters and form a battle team with up to eight gangsters. The three types of gangsters, Ranged, Brawl and Explosive, have different skills and strengths and affect one another like Rock-Paper-Scissors. In this case, Ranged is strong versus Brawl, Explosive is strong versus Ranges, and Brawl is strong versus Explosive.

Battles will happen each time you expand the turf, as other thugs or mafia lurks in the undeveloped territory. The only way to drive them away is through violent approaches. In Crime Connection, combats are conducted in a brand new way. Each battle is consisted of three rounds of fight. In each round, you will first do a violent version of Rock-Paper-Scissors with your opponent by selecting from knife, revolver and explosive. If you win, all members in your team will gain boosts. In a battle, you will have six men to be assigned to each round. At the end of the third round, whichever side that causes the greater damage wins.

As you level up, your avatar will be able to equip fancier weapons and you will unlock more advanced buildings. You will also face the challenges of tougher quests, and the most exciting among them is the turf war. Social features in this game support players to form alliances with others and challenge rivals to combats. To climb the ranks in this game, you can join in the turf war twice a day.

This game features graffiti styled graphics and avatar. Icons are in the shapes of bullets, and by tapping on them, interfaces will be appearing in the form of revolving cylinders. It is a nice touch in detail, considering the social crime theme in this game.

  • Presentation8
  • Graphics8
  • Action7
  • Gameplay9
  • Features8
Total Score8.0

Crime Connection is an amazing and refreshing gaming experience to play Crime Connection. The developer has done an excellent job on various details, and it is certainly a pleasure to see that they have made a bold attempt in trying to develop suhc a game with novolty and in detail.

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