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Watch out, something real Big is coming out tonight! Please allow us at to introduce to you: XCOM: Enemy Unknown, Gloomy Hollow, Cover Orange 2, Pocket Mobsters, and many more. A handful of them will probably become this month’s top games. Can’t wait? Let’s get started right away.

XCOM: Enemy Unknown

XCOM Enemy Unknown 1

A proven huge success on PC and console! XCOM: Enemy Unknown finally comes to iOS after prolonged waiting. Though many other strategy titles have taken a faster hand on iOS, we still believe XCOM: Enemy Unknown will make much of a hit out of its worldwide fans.

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Gloomy Hollow

Gloomy Hollow 3

Chillingo’s new RPG title Gloomy Hollow will bring you to a gloomy Underworld, which has been taken over by evil beasts and fiends. Role play as three intrepid warriors, you will embark on a treacherous journey to defeat the devilish hordes and bring peace to the once harmonious world.

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Return to Castlerama

Return to Castlerama_2

Return to Castlerama is an MMORPG set in a 3D open world where players explore towns and wilderness, escape dangers, and battle various enemies. The game blends open world exploration with first-person shooting, puzzle, and card game elements and it features different plots based on players’ various moral choices.

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Cover Orange 2

Cover Orange 2 1

The evil acid rain cloud is sneaking in again to ruin your oranges! As a highly anticipated sequel to Cover Orange, Cover Orange 2 will feature 120 puzzling new levels, a new time travel mode and enhanced gameplay. Enjoy the out-bursting fun together with your whole family!

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Pocket Mobsters

Pocket Mobsters_5

Pocket Mobsters is an MMORPG that lets players recruit mobsters in their neighborhood and start up an intimidating gang of their own. You can form alliances with friends and follow the storyline and see what will become of you a few days from now.

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Happy Dragon

Happy Dragon1.320x480-75

The dragon in Happy Dragon needs your help to rebuild its destroyed castle. The only way to rebuild it is to collect jewels between rugged valleys. Guide your dragon to fly higher and further, and collect as many jewels as possible.

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Alien Mailman

Alien Mailman1.320x480-75

Have you ever thought of what aliens do in outer space? Alien Mailman lets you help an alien mailman file envelopes into cabinets of the same color. Seemingly an easy task, but so many different types of envelopes may drive you crazy. Test your speed and agility in this fast-paced game.

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Zombiegal Kawaii

Zombiegal Kawaii 1

How many of you would confess that you’d rather control a female character in a game? Here comes your chance. In Zombiegal Kawaii, there are full of pretties girls, except that they have guns in their hands. A girls’ shooting game, pretty intriguing? Give it a shot.

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Zorbie is a casual game where players need to throw an axe into the air and hit birds in an effort to collect food. Players not only need to fetch the owls, they also need to collect coins, complete 75 missions, defeat the 5 powerful bosses and then advance through the 6 different levels.

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