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Now it’s show time for Big Games coming tonight! We reported the highly anticipated title Dig! the other day and now it finally comes. Other games like Sid Meier’s Ace PatrolTinyLegends: Monster Crasher, Las Vegas!, Impossible Road, are also very promising ones worth of your following-up. Let’s take a look.

Sid Meier’s Ace Patrol

Sid Meier’s Ace Patrol is a turn-based strategy developed by Sid Meier and his company 2K Games and Firaxis.

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TinyLegends: Monster Crasher

TinyLegends Monster Crasher3.320x480-75

Exciting battles with an evil dragon! The dragon sealed in a carven was awakened and prepares to seek revenge on your kingdom. Arm yourself with powerful gear and conquer the ruthless enemies! Breathtaking boss fights are waiting for you!

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Deep inside us, there is always a miner or digger secretly longing to uncover an enormous trove of treasure. However such a windfall rarely happens, even when you have become a professional archeologist, be it in reality or in a game. In Dig! pesky enemies like Nigel the Mummy and moles are threatening to frustrate your attempt all the while and to double your misfortune, your museum is crumbling. Speed up, bro, dig more objects up to save your job and museum!

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Las Vegas!

las vegas

Roll dice to win a fortune. In Las Vegas! it takes more than luck to get rewards. What else is indispensable is the strategy. Here you need to use your dice as weapon to occupy various casinos and take as many dollars as possible.

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Impossible Road


Impossible Road is inarguably passable! Steep in this minitype game simulating rollercoaster and relive the excitement to go through the straight up-and-down twists and turns on a fast-running vessel. You won’t get dizzy, or will you?

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Crazy Monster Bowling

Crazy Monster Bowling 1

How can monsters and bowling bind together? Even if you are a heck of an imaginator, you may scratch your head at such a tricky question. But let me tell you how-diving in Crazy Monster Bowling. This unique title tells you exactly how much imagination weighs in creating a phenomenal action game.

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I AM MT Battle Card

I AM MT Card Battle 1

You love Rage of Bahamut or Blood Brothers? Good, here come a new game called “I AM MT Battle Card”, which features WOW-inspired classes and cartoon style graphics. This game was very popular in China and you can download the game in the US Store now.

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Daddy Was A Thief

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Running with Friends HD

Run with your friends on cool locations, dodge and jump over obstacles, race to become No 1 runner. Check out Zynga’s new running game.

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Thor: Lord of Storms

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