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Another cool update for advanced players since yesterday’s announcement on level 5 Clan Castle. The Clash of Clans team have decided to raise the level cap for the current Maximum level 6 Hidden Tesla Tower, which could deal double damage to P.E.K.K.A than normal.

As we checked the Wiki for Hidden Tesla, the level 6 Hidden Tesla can cause an amount of 45 damage per shoot, or 75 damage per second (Attack Speed is 0.6s), and it takes 12 days and 3M Gold to upgrade such tower. Now we do some match, assuming that the Cost of level 7 Hidden Tesla is likely to be 3.5M Gold, the upgrading time is 14 days and the damage it could cause may be 80 or higher. This information may not be accurate enough until we update it once it is patched into the game next week.

Below is a Hidden Tesla Wiki Sheet.

damage for telsa

We will continue updating this sheet. Stay tuned!