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Supercell teased yesterday what is in store for this month’s update of Clash of Clans on its official Facebook Fanpage.

The new update, which will be delivered as a free download through the App Store later this month, includes level 10 Town Hall, Level 4 X-Bow, Attack Replay and many other twists.

Officially dubbed as “Fiery Fortress”, the level 10 Town Hall, which is likely to cost about 6M – 8M Gold, will come along with a Level 4 X-Bow that shoots bolts of Elixir at an incredible rate of fire.

Obviously, the new update targets higher level players that have already built up a Level 9 Town Hall with a strong defensive village, but it also encourages low level players to grind their way to loot resources to build a beautiful village with higher level walls, Mortars, Wizard Towers, etc.

“This update is going to be useless for lower level players. All of this is for the hardcore gemmers and the higher level players. Doesn’t Supercell care about all the players or just the higher levelled players?” Said Detective, an active member of Clash of Clan.

“Of course they care, but if they keep adding new stuff just for the lower level players, it is pretty pointless” Gulyas Argued.

Supercell did not confirm the exact release date and costs for upgrading, but ideally, the game will be patched before this month. For those higher level players, it is time to save Gold and Elixir for the upcoming massive update.

While Supercell has been teasing big or small updates on its Official Facebook Fanpage, we will keep you updated on the new updates.

Update: Air Defense Level 8 Announced.

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