Clash of Clans from Supercell is an epic strategy game infiltrated with the elements of competitive fast-paced combats. You need to build your own village, rise and train a mighty army to battle with other players online. You can either join a clan or create your own clan to strive for supremacy over the Realm. In the latest updated version, mysterious Dark Barracks and cool new troops are introduced.

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  • Focus more on strategy raids
  • Defend your village with various fortifications, such as towers, walls and traps
  • Various spells to be unlocked
  • Battle with Goblins or players worldwide

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  • Anbo1

    Heaps of fun! Probably the iOS game I’ve spent most time on and the only one that actually keeps me playing for a couple of days. The new update is awesome, you guys have made this game greater and better. One problem is that it’s difficult to earn gems.

  • Shippers83

    The best tower defence game ever! It would be better if there were a column next to the “troops donated” column for “troops received”. Our clan would like to keep an eye on people’s ratios in regards to this. Other than that, keep up the good work!

  • VanOwen

    This game had me hooked at first, it’s great and addictive. But beware, as you advance, you need to have enough patience of a saint and invest large sums of money. Buildings and upgrades are expensive and become more expensive as you progress, and they take days to complete, for example, six days and nearly $6 for a mid level townhall upgrade. This means that the gameplay is sporadic at best, as you need hours for troop builds and days for resource and defence builds. Be prepared to bring out your dollars.

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