Champ Man is a realistic season-by-season football club management simulation game that grants you the opportunity to manage any one of 400 real clubs from 21 leagues across the world.

Sign real-world football players for your club, train them to boost their attributes, give team based instructions, select specific roles for your key players, and watch the drama unfold in realistic, fast matches.

There will also be a persistent manager profile which allows you to track your accomplishments, trophies, and success throughout your Champ Man career, and the brand new Manager Rating system lets you compare your performance with friends and other Champ Man Managers around the world.

The game will be constantly updated throughout the real season, with database updates and new features.

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  • Over 400 playable clubs
  • 21 playable leagues in 11 countries: England, Scotland, France, Germany, Italy, Spain, Argentina, Brazil, Russia, Turkey and Saudi Arabia
  • Up-to-date team/player/competition data from football season 2012/13
  • Frequent updates throughout the footballing season


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