CastleVille Legends is an all new kingdom building RPG with all new characters and gameplay as well as your favorites from the original CastleVille. The game is set in a fantasy realm that has fallen under the curse of a dark wizard. All former heroes of the land were imprisoned. And now only you have the power to free them and build a thriving new Kingdom!

Accept the challenge and restore the Legendary Lands! Build up a kingdom and expand it to a prosperous magical land. You may also explore into the vast fantasy world to search for hidden treasure with your heroes, including a Wizard, a Woodsman, a Daring Damsel and even Dragons.

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  • Free to play
  • Build a kingdom and expand it into a magical new land.
  • Explore with a cast of heroes, including a Wizard, a Woodsman, a Daring Damsel and Dragons
  • Search for treasure in ancient ruins, magical springs and other places of legend
  • Create valuable goods and trade with players around the world


  • Ioana Mariuca


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In short, CastleVille Legends is amazingly animated and easily addictive. With seamless missions thrown at you continuously, you can hardly think of anything else but putting your hands into the dance all the time. View more in Castleville Legends Review.