Bridgy Jones is an imaginative bridge building game where you build and fix bridge to help drive a locomotive across rivers, gorges and chasms. In the game, you will use your fingers to hold and swipe to repair the bridge with a number of useful tools such as tracks, planks, ropes and concrete blocks.

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  • 32 levels to challenge your brain to construct bridge
  • Intuitive controls with all useful tools at hand
  • Agreeable visuals and smooth animated scenes.


  • Raucky

    Love the game. Totally worth the amount. Great gameplay and I really like the feature where when you drag the bridge pieces along it shows you where the end is.

  • Emerca6708

    This is the “bridge builder” game I’ve ever played, I love the platformer elements this game has too. Definitely worth a buck, hopefully they’ll add some new levels in an update.

Bridgy Jones Review Coming Soon