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Blue Giant has just unveiled a new monster breeding game titled “Monster Factory” in the Canadian App Store. The game is a Dragon City-like simulation game where you will take the role of a monster plant manager, breed, train and feed monsters. In the game, you could purchase a small monster from the in-game shop, train it in the training academy, and then deploy the monster and its own workshop in your territory so that it could go to the earth to do its job.

Gameplay in Monster Factory is identical to that of Dragon City. You just build training academy and hatch various monsters like Octopus, Fuzzy, Lizard, Slug, ect and feed and level up them. The monsters need food, so you need to build kitchens and produce food to ensure a constant food supply. The workshops and kitchens need space and you need to clear trees and other items in your territory to make space. In the Breeding Lab, you can evolve your low-level monsters to a higher level  and new one.

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The game is free to play, but only a few are purchasable through in-game currency while the rest are only available for premium players. The good thing is that freemium players can create those premium monsters by breeding their existing monsters. But the breeding takes 10 hours or more before it is done. Such design naturally prolongs the gaming process and prompts players to spend their money.

Monster Factory has a lot in common with Dragon City in gameplay, but it also possesses some unique features that make it better than Dragon City.

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