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Gameloft has finally released its massively hyped Blitz Brigade worldwide. It is a first-person shooting game with Team Fortress style characters. Players can download it for free on both iOS and Android devices.

In Blitz Brigade, you can fight for either the Axis or the Allies. The game provides five class choices, Soldier, Gunner, Medic, Sniper and Stealth, as well as multiple WWII weapon and vehicle choices. You will be able to shoot up enemies and their vehicles with over 100 weapons including rifles, flamethrowers, machine guns, and even tank busters.

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Similar to Gameloft’s another first-person shooter Modern Combat 2, this game supports gyroscope controls, which is absolutely amazing. You control your character’s movement through a virtual thumbstick, adjust your sight to aim by moving around your touch device, and fire by tapping bullet icon. Meanwhile, the game allows you to customize the controls on your device by offering options like inverting Y-axis, switching to left-handed control scheme, or turning off gyroscope control and using the thumbstick only.

Blitz Brigade can be played in two ways. You can either go on single-player training missions or join online multiplayer matches. In single-player mission mode, you can experience what the different character classes are capable of doing and test various weapons and vehicles. For example, in mission machine gun, you will be controlling a gunner to kill all incoming enemies with a heavy machine gun. In helicopter missions, you will be flying a chopper and shooting at the ground units. In mission sniper elimination, you can try a precision rifle as a sniper.

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There are 12 stages with a total of 120 very challenging solo missions. Your goal is primarily to eliminate waves of incoming enemies with assigned weapons and ammo. Armed enemies will be attacking from different directions. The basic strategy is to kill the ones with long-range weapons and grenades first and deal the close-contact type later. You start with your character’s main weapon, but after you used up all your ammo, you will have to switch to smaller pistols and finally cold weapons.

The achievements in solo missions are measured by the combat score, which is determined by factors like the time used, combo shoots or shooting accuracy. Shooting up destructible objects like birds, rockets, helmets will gain you extra scores and coins. By accomplishing quick shoots, for example, shooting down flying objects like grenades, you will also be rewarded with extra scores. According to the score you get, you will be awarded with zero to three stars. Although only upon your first completion of a mission will you be rewarded with coins and XP, all missions are re-playable and you can always return to a former mission to challenging high scores and get more stars. In each mission, there are also one or two hidden puzzle pieces to collect. You will have to gather enough stars and complete the puzzle before you can unlock the next stage.

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The solo missions are really great, but the multiplayer mode is even better. Blitz Brigade allows you to play with other players on 4 different maps and engage in online matches. There are two types of multiplayer modes: the 4 Vs 4 Deathmatch mode, in which your goal is to shoot everyone from the opposing team, and the 6 Vs 6 Domination mode, in which each team tries to seize the battleground by controlling flags. You can connect to social networks like facebook and Gameloft live to add friends, and invite them from the friend list to join multiplayer game. You can also join random strangers from the internet and get a quick match. The game supports voice chats in team-based combats. I never thought a touchscreen online game can be this fun.

Coins and diamonds are the two types of currencies in the game, both of which can be used in the built-in store to buy and upgrade weapons and vehicles, or get boost items. Diamonds can only be acquired through in-App purchase, and they can also be used to unlock character classes and advanced stages and items before you reach the required level.

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  • Graphics9
  • Fun9
  • Action9
  • Replay9
  • Controls9
Total Score9.0

Blitz Brigade is an awesome shooting game featuring great gyroscope controls as well as fast-paced actions. The visual performance is fantastic, too. The frame rate is smooth, and the blood splashing effect looks quite real. There is never a dull moment

User Rating: 4.8 (5 Votes)