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Ark of Sinners Advance is an action side-scrolling RPG developed by Anima Game Studio and published by BulkyPix. It features 2D side-scrolling visuals, situational orchestral background music, and compelling stories. Penned by Carlos Garcia, the writer of Anima Beyond Fantasy series, the game will surely appeal to a large number of Anima Beyond Fantasy fans while cultivating a new audience base among action-goers. A great variety of movements and skill combos together with multitudinous unlockable skills and boosts make this game a thrilling one, but its demanding stages and insufficient tutorial may put some newbies off.


In the game, you are role-playing as Celia, a beautiful and scarcely clad girl who woke up alone one day in an ancient and gloomy city named Ark, where time itself has lost meaning. The only thing she remembered was her friend Nemo was with her before amnesia took her. So she started her perilous journey to find her companion and reveal her past. As your exploration and adventure press deeper into the game, the past of Celia together with the dark secrets of this city is unfolded bit by bit. Gradually you learn Celia had not been an innocent girl but an adopted daughter of a clan of assassins that are implanted with both technology and magic, and had been trained to be an assassin that fights with a power that would far surpass human limits. Naturally, it will not come as a shock when you know that she had done tons of evil deeds, but your appreciation and hope for her will surely grow if you see that she is ostracized from her folks for not willing to kill an innocent guy. I guess you wouldn’t refuse to help her go through the evil-infested city to bravely reveal her past sins and embrace a new hope of becoming someone much better.


However, the game doubts your devotion and decides to put your determination to test via challenging and sometimes seemingly impossible tasks. Though there is no one out there hunting you down, pressing you to move on, you have no choice but to keep running in order to retrieve the lost memories. Get prepared for an extremely hazardous journey that makes your heart stay in your throat, and your hand wet all the time, for if you are not on your toes for a single moment, you may run or jump to your instant death. What tries your reflexes one step further is the swarming enemies of different types and with varied powers. They can be off-putting giants, whose powerful fists are enough to deal an amount of damage more than your can bear; or they could be flame-throwing monsters, who are always standing at an elevated unavoidable platform; they can even be poisonous spiders weaving deadly webs, terrifying skeletons and more. Worse still, your vision is strictly limited to your immediate surroundings of several meters’ radius, so you can never be well prepared when you run into a deadly foe or a horde of them. Trust me, your hands must be hovering over the moving pad and skill icons all the time, which are arranged at the two sides on the bottom, and take quick actions before it is too late.

Apart from the unpredictable lethal monsters and unforeseeable abysses, the general claustrophobia sense of the environments also sends a chill up your spine while enhancing the difficulty of your journey. An underground tunnel with crumbling boulders, decimated bridges with swallowing gaps, a dilapidated library with towering rickety bookcases fit well into the game’s ghastly world. Another challenge the environment poses is the hard-to-find route sometimes. So between moments of fighting with monsters and bosses, running and jumping skillfully, you must also look around to find your way. With extremely confined view, path finding can sometimes take up a significant amount of time.


This heart-racing game is split into altogether 21 interrelated stages featuring gated fights in different environments and of varied difficulty, seeing you venture on an one-end journey. There is nothing you can fall back on, and what lies ahead is surely nothing to celebrate on. You must slay all the monsters of one stage before you can proceed onto the next. When you finally make it, probably and understandably after many fails, several glowing blue diamonds are there to greet you. They are Lost Time Memories Points, which can be used for an impressive array of upgraded, such as raising Celia’s maximum health, giving a new function to the movement icon, and form new combos etc.

  • Gameplay6
  • Graphics7
  • Action6
  • Controls7
  • Fun6
Total Score6.4

With death threatening to swallow you any time throughout your journey, Ark of Sinners Advance is surely not aimed for the squeamish. You will have to be quick, smart and brave to fit into the role of Celia, even though someone so busty and scantily dressed generally would not give us a notion that she should be a dauntless fighter.