Apoc Wars is a social real-time strategy game set in a post-apocalypse era, when resources are rare and extremely precious. Build up a military base with myriads of combat units, like infantry, artillery, tanks and more, and constantly level it up. Take part in fierce real-time battles to raze enemy bases and plunder their loot. Ally with friends in joint efforts to defend your bases and seek revenge on your foes.

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  • Build up a formidable base
  • A wide range of combat units
  • Rob other players’ loot
  • Tons of tactics to employ
  • Upgrade to unlock new troops and buildings
  • Rally a group of players in an alliance

Useful Resources:

Apoc Wars AppsGoer Forum: http://forums.appsgoer.com/forumdisplay.php?69-Apoc-Wars

Official Twitter: https://twitter.com/ApocWars

Facebook Fanpage: https://www.facebook.com/ApocWars

  • kingching3

    Apoc Wars works great on the iPad Mini. Problem is, they updated the game to be able to attack even if you’re offline, yet you can’t and there’s always this pop up theat says you need an internet connectionto be able to attack.

  • Dstrukshunn

    The mechanics of the game remind me a lot of Warzone 2100. But, It has a Mad Max kinda feel espcially with the 80’s movie-esque BGM. It’s a really nice touch! Great game!

  • Samtheman3759

    This is a fun and very well built strategy game!

  • Broken screen

    Played Battle Nations and love that game too but this is great change of pace and a lot of fun!

Review Overview
  • Graphics8
  • Controls7
  • Replay9
  • Action8
  • Features8
Total Score8.0

Apoc Wars has made some improvements based on the standard RTS game formula. You have more options to command your troops to target a specific building in combat, and you can have them switch targets anytime you like...Read More Apoc Wars Review