After Earth is a brand new adventure game based on the sci-fi film of the same name. It’s set on the future Earth, which has been taken by monsters and alien creatures for 1000 years. Human is now settled on another planet. Kitai Raige and his father Cypher were taking on a mission to Earth when their spacecraft unfortunately crashed, leaving the two alone beset by hordes of famished monsters. Pit in the role of the pair, you will embark on a treacherous journey to call for help. Run, jump and get through perilous terrain. Fear not of the impasse! Take up any weapon at hand and slay oncoming devilish creatures. Follow your instinct and fight for survival!

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  • Career Mode – fulfill 20 tough missions and unlock latent levels
  • Marathon Mode– Steep in astonishing environments inspired by the film
  • Equip with different kits and enjoy varied  in-game appearance
  • Replay action-packed levels to accomplish multiple tasks.
  • Challenge your friends by outscoring them


  • Armand

    surely if your going to bring out a game to advertise the movie then it should be free then more people will play it and decide to watch the piece of shit film.

  • Dempsey

    Wouldn’t play it of it was the last Game After Earth.

  • Elvis

    Wouldnt play it if it was free…

  • UGking88

    The game makes Temple Run looks like a joke.

  • Squirrely27

    It’s a cool game but it is not that addictive.

  • Imsocoldhaha99

    I love the game! High graphics, good sytem and better than temple run.

  • SharpenSkill

    It is an amazing game. My only compaint is that it is quite unresponsive and laggy. Still better than Temple Run! I recommend this game if you are into games like Temple Run!

After Earth Review Coming Soon