Ace Attorney: Phoenix Wright Trilogy HD brings the second and third titles of the beloved series to iOS for the first time. Play the game in landscape orientation to make everything bigger or portrait orientation for efficient one-handed control. All of the artwork has been remastered for retina displays in either orientation. Join rookie defense lawyer Phoenix Wright as he gets to the bottom of 14 intriguing cases so he can defend the innocent. Investigate crime scenes, collect evidence, and interview witnesses to prepare for explosive faceoffs in the courtroom. Use evidence and logic to reveal the contradictions in the witness’ testimonies, discover the truth, and clear your clients’ names!

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  • Graphics remade for retina displays
  • Hold your device horizontally for larger and more exciting visuals or vertically for a more efficient one-handed control scheme
  • All 14 cases from the original Phoenix Wright trilogy
  • Experience fascinating investigations and intense courtroom showdowns

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  • Atcha22

    I’ve been waiting for this app for a loooong time! Thank you! Can’t wait to win some cases.

  • CoolJerry23

    Finally I get to play a game like this. So
    happy! Just hope they could make another game like this but with a love story.

  • Shanehane

    So you can play a short court case to start off, but then it costs up to $20 to continue with new cases! Come on guys, the app market averages $1 for games!

    • Jim Giant

      It’s 3 whole games which would have cost at least $40 each new. It’s easily 100 hours of game play if you don’t use a guide. $20 is very reasonable.

  • Jonathanewa

    I was disappointed. When an app name has got an HD in it, it implies great visuals. But the artwork in this game is awful. And the game doesn’t support iPhone 5. Can’t imagine why.

Ace Attorney: Phoenix Wright Trilogy HD Review Coming Soon