9th Dawn is an astonishing game, which brilliantly mixes old-school and modern RPG elements in one app. Explore the huge island of Montelorne, which locates far from the mainland, but is packed with mysteries and unknown fortune. Upon the get-go, you choose one from three traditional classes: knight, archer and mage. Then you embark on an adventurous journey, seeking for hidden treasure, helping the local people to fend off invading undead armies, or simply visiting tons of towns, dungeons and forests. It’s your choice how to dive in this furiously addicting RPG.

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  • Three classes to play as: tough knight, nimble archer and wise mage
  • Old-school RPG with modern design and gameplay
  • Choose your own way to dive into the vast world
  • Regular updates to ramp up bugs and bring new features

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  • theonetruejm1123

    Really diggin the game so far

  • colfaxjones

    i’m just a short ways in but love it so far. been looking for an sold school RPG like this in the appstore for a long time and nothing i found quite scratched that itch. this looks very promising,

  • Rhokk

    Love the way the character moves, very fluid. The way you kinda flip when changing direction is a cool touch. Seems the devs really paid attention to the smaller details. I’m playing as an archer and after 10 min into the game, I feel as if my entire night will be gone now.

  • Sevren117

    Had no idea this was coming out – having a blast playing and can’t wait to see what the future holds for this game.

  • jonnson

    Old school RPG with a dual stick twist. We need more games like this on iOS. Low res graphics but at least iPhone 5 support.

  • clipki11

    This is a great game I’m glad I got this love the feel of it. Must get game!

9th Dawn Review Coming Soon